Homemade Chips Are the Best Chips (& Recipes to Prove It)

August 22, 2017

Look, I have a lot of questions about chips: What is the difference between chips and crackers? Or crisps? Is it that crackers come in a box? But what if you make them at home? Is it that chips are oily? But what about kale chips? Or Pringles? Why do chips feel like a guilty pleasure while crackers are ~ healthy ~? Why is it impossible to exercise self-control while eating chips? How do they disappear so quickly? Don’t even get me started on British "chips"...

However, one thing I don’t question: homemade chips are the best chips. They just have a hardiness and flavor that you can’t get out of a bag. Don’t believe me? Then try these crunchy bites (and some chip-filled meals) and decide for yourself.

No Question They're Chips

Probably Chips

Served with chips

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