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30 Tailgate-Ready, Make-Ahead Recipes

September 29, 2017

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After tailgating all day, it’s time to get up, do some stretches and finish the day strong! There’s no time to be tired (that’s what Mondays are for). With one more game (potentially two) to wrap up Sunday night festivities, there’s still room for plenty of drinks and food to go around.

Gus wants to help you make fried chicken. Photo by Julia Gartland

Below, we’ve pulled 30 tailgate-friendly, low-fuss, make-ahead dinner recipes for the win.

bite-size foods

The main players

on the sidelines

all around sauces + dips

good game

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How'd your team do? Tell us about your favorite tailgating moments below!

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belby0 January 10, 2018
Tailgating is done outside, before and/or after attending a game. Most of these would be a challenge to make at a grill or camp stove.
Penni J. September 29, 2017
Not my idea of football food, far too much work.