Snacks and Drinks to Keep Your Game Day Guests Revved Up

September 28, 2017

We partnered with Boxed.com to bring you everything you’ll need to make sure the crowd is ready for the game. Get all your snacks, groceries, and drinks in bulk delivered free at Boxed.com.

There’s no shame in tailgating since breakfast, but by now, you and your friends are either sulking in crushing defeat or relishing in the close win of the morning’s match—either way, sounds like it’s time for a drink, and a snack or five!

Right this way...

drinks for the team

Below are cocktail recipes that can be easily multiplied to satisfy your crew size (and to show your team colors!). Buy plenty of ice, too.

all-star munchies

No one has to know how insanely easy it was to make the food (or that you took it out of the freezer to heat).

Make it a spread

With a few components prepped ahead of time, you can create a platter for your guests to build or mix-and-match as they want.

Or spreads:

sometimes you just want a salad

When you want your cheese dips to come with a side of vegetables, here are some salads that will hold up throughout the game.

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What are your go-to midday tailgate bites? Tell us about them in the comments.

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