12 Pear Desserts Ripe for Autumn

October 10, 2017

I feel a bit bad for pears. Think about it—come September, apples start popping up by the bushel in farmers markets, and everyone promptly declares it "fall" and loses their minds. Apples shine in cider (both boozy and non). They're often spied snuggling up to pies and donuts and crumble and all those other fun, fall-y things we crave when the weather turns chillier.

So what about pears, their seasonal siblings? They have just as much to offer as apples. They're subtly sweet, come in many varietals, and have a giving texture (perfect for poaching and baking and roasting). We underutilized pears, and wrongfully so.

Pears deserve their 15 minutes this fall. Here are 12 sweet recipes to place them squarely in the spotlight.

What's your favorite way to enjoy ripe pears? With sharp blue cheese? In a compote? As-is? Tell us in the comments!

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caninechef October 11, 2017
Last winter I went on a pear dessert extravaganza, mostly driven byFood52 recipes including pear crisp and the ginger/cranberry/pear pie showcased above. All were excellent but the showstopper was these stuffed pears by sdebrango. My Sunday lunch group demanded them multiple times. This year I need to try poached pears and