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21 of Our Coziest Fall Pasta Recipes

October 17, 2017

The moment it is declared "fall" I immediately begin to crave pasta—and only pasta—for every meal. There's something about the holy union of carbohydrates, creamy sauces, and earthy autumnal vegetables (hey squash, hello mushrooms, good to see you cauliflower) interspersed with zingy cheese and sausage and subtle threads of nutmeg that make fall the ideal season for pasta consumption.

Fall pasta dishes are just cozy, which I know is a much-overused term, but if the word "cozy" were ever to be manifested as a pasta it would for sure be an autumn one, full of bubbly cheeses and vegetables and a few woody herbs. Possibly a brassica or two. No matter what they contain, fall pasta dishes must be warm, they must be hearty, and, above all, they must be deeply satisfying. Here are 21 that check all of those boxes.

How do you fall pasta? Add some puréed pumpkin into your mac & cheese? Put a few sage leaves into your buttered noodles? Inspire us!

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Rebecca October 25, 2017
Oh, how I miss pasta! Are there any other dairy-free, gluten-free peeps that have a recipe - that works - for a pasta feast? Homemade? Comfort style?