16 Filling Meals For Vegetable Cravings

November  6, 2017

Fall might mean tucking into slow-cooked, comforting carbs willy nilly, but after bowls of hearty stews and creamy casseroles, it’s the thought of vegetables that makes my mouth salivate. I dream of crispy carrots, spicy arugula, and tender beets; of kale salads piled high with nutty squash and cauliflower; and of bitter, just-barely-cooked broccoli rabe. I crave vegetables to cut through the heaviness of the food we eat to warm us up in cold, dark months.

In anticipation of the platters of potatoes, turkey, and pies we’ll enjoy in just a few short weeks, here are some of our best vegetable dishes to fill you up—without weighing you down.

Craving Vegetables *With* your meal

Craving Vegetables *For* Your Meal

How do you incorporate vegetables in your fall meals? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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The Magical Mini Guide
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judy November 11, 2017
mixed roasted vegetables are my favorite. I'll roast a winter squash like japanese pumpkin or butternut or hubbard and mash and store to eat all week long as these are too big to eat all at once for the two of us. Great starch replacement for many meals. Easy and delicious. I find myself throwing greens into many recipes just because. They sautéed and stew so easily. These are a bunch of good ideas. Thanks.