An Easy Sweet & Sour Cabbage Dish for Your Holiday Table

November 21, 2017

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This one comes from community member Stockout, who shares a one-pot cabbage side dish just right for all of your holiday meals.

When it comes to special holiday dinners, normally it’s a show-stopping main dish (hello, holiday roast!) that gets all of the attention. Sometimes, though, a simple can find a way to steal the show, as is the case with Grandma Netta’s Red Cabbage.

Hey there good lookin'. Photo by Rocky Luten

Grandma Netta kept it simple, eschewing the typical additions of apple and onions. But you won’t miss them at all. Her cabbage perfectly balances between sweet and sour, and, as our editors noted when this was first tested, the glazing that occurs during the uncovered phase of cooking “not only concentrates the delicate sweet-and-sour flavor, but also creates a nice shine, which prevents the tender cabbage from looking dull on your plate.” You know it's the holiday season when even side dishes are getting dressed up!

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Grandma Netta's cabbage is incredibly simple to prepare. All of the ingredients go into a large pot, then simmer, covered, for an hour, and simmer some more with the pot uncovered until the liquid is almost entirely reduced. You’re left with a simple, sweet, sour dish and only one pot to wash—but we’re still in favor of following the Stockout’s family’s rule: “whoever gets a bay leaf.....the dishes are all yours.”

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