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3 Non-Boozy Holiday Drinks *Everyone* Can Enjoy

December  7, 2017

Hot Toddys. Fruity sangria. Spiked eggnog. Getting in the holiday spirit often involves, well, spirits. But those who can’t (or just don’t want to) drink boozy beverages get left out in the cold. There’s really only so many mugs of cider one can sip.

This season, consider including thoughtful beverages without alcohol on your holiday menu. Sure, these can be classics like spicy hot chocolate or a fizzy egg cream, but soft cocktails are just as much of a place for experimentation as boozy drinks.

Here at Food52, we use Seedlip, a botanical-laced non-alcoholic spirit, as an alternative mixer to vodka or gin.

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"Seedlip made me think differently about cocktails—that they're not about mixing alcohols but about creating beautiful, appealing flavors,” says Food52 co-founder Amanda Hesser. “The Seedlip spirits are a phenomenal foundation for any drink. You won't believe their intensity and fragrance."

While you can simply add tonic to Seedlip spirits for a refreshing drink, we asked Food52 community member SageGreen to dream up delicious, seasonal drinks for holiday entertaining. She paired Spice 94, Seedlip’s earthy allspice and cardamom spirit, with the warm flavors of cider and coffee, as well as refreshing Moon Drop grapes.

Have you tried Seedlip? What are other non-boozy drinks you serve at holiday parties? Share below.

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Stephanie D. January 1, 2021
Huge Seedlip fan here! Their zero-alcohol Margarita is fab — great winter drink is their Espresso “Martino” — lots of new recipes out there now — time for bars and restaurants to step up and offer well-crafted “mocktails” to consumers living a healthier lifestyle!
Olivia B. December 7, 2017
New Seedlip recipes!!!! xoxo Seedlip's #1 Fan