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17 Homemade Ingredients To Make Now & Enjoy All Year Long

January  1, 2018

Sure, you can start kitchen projects any time of year. But there’s something about January 1st that makes from-scratch baking and cooking feel especially aspirational—and manageable. Maybe it’s the optimism of resolutions, the chilly weather that pushes us indoors, or just the extra time of a three-day weekend. You can envision a life filled with homemade butter, DIY stock, and fresh pasta. Whatever the reason, we’re happy to give some DIY inspiration with one of these 17 edible kitchen projects.

Whip & Churn

Brew & Press

Simmer & Soak

Knead & Roll

What are your favorite ingredients to make from scratch? Share your projects in the comments below!

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Analida B. January 1, 2018
I grow heaps of rosemary all summer and make rosemary simple syrup for cocktails! I love the flavors it brings like this grapefruit mojito! <br />https://ethnicspoon.com/grapefruit-rosemary-mojito/