Comforting Curries To Save Your Weeknights

January  3, 2018

We all know that “curry” encompasses a mind-boggling array of dishes—from saucy korma to drier (but just as comforting) crispy coconut tofu. But no matter the form or variety, a warm bowl filled with intense-yet-soothing curry flavor is the satisfying answer to the mid-week hump we all need. It’s OK that coming back from a long weekend has transformed you into a post-work zombie. Or that your pantry might be a little bare. Curries are forgiving; graciously accepting substitutions, and pairing equally well with rice or noodles or naan. They warm you up without weighing you down. Plus, they only get better with time. Seriously—what can't curries do?

So if you find yourself in need some savory comfort, check out these 13 recipes. Curry will carry you to weekend freedom.

What's your favorite curry? Saucy? Dry? Vegetable or meat? Share in the comments below!

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This article has been amended from an earlier version.

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Camilla R. January 9, 2018
This article is so inspiring...and useful too. Thank you! I'll check up on this the next time I'll want to make a curry!