How to Throw a Super Bowl Party So Good People Will Forget to Watch the Game

February  2, 2018

Whether you’re a rabid football fan or a happy-to-tag-along bystander (like me—I think I heard something about Eagles versus Patriots?), the onset of Super Bowl weekend is as good a reason as any to get the gang together. We’ve got our own version of a snackdown on the site right now, with classic game-day players like wings and pigs in a blanket going head-to-head, but beyond just the featured foods, how else to prepare for a fun hang at home with nary a sweat? We’ve rounded up a few key tips below to help you score big.

Don’t Forget the Ice!

I had to put this at the top of the list because it is always the last thing people remember to do. Cut the inevitable “Can I bring anything?” off at the pass and assign a friend or two bagged-ice duty to ensure cool beverages all evening long.

Or the Snacks!

Whether you’re making your own or purchasing your favorites, make sure you have plenty of crowd-friendly eats on Sunday. However many people you’re expecting, add another portion or two to accommodate potentially hungry (or hangry!) guests.

Get Organized

As with any good defensive game plan, you should anticipate your guests’ moves and plan out your viewing and dining areas accordingly. Optimize the living room space and seats so that everyone gets a view of the television or projection screen, with room for extra chairs. Position a central coffee table, small side tables, or even an ottoman with a sturdy tray for your friends to rest their drinks (with coasters, if you’d prefer) and small plates.

Make Your Mark

Pick up a couple of erasable markers to identify your guests’ glasses and ward off misplaced party cups.

Place Your Bets

Okay, I know Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty casual affair, but if you want to up the stakes (and the fun), open up the party to side games and bets predicting the final score. Just be prepared to see everyone’s competitive edge come out!

Did We Mention Snacks?

Oh yes, yes we did. But here are a few more great ideas for game-day bites in case you can’t get enough. If you really want to be a memorable host, stock up on to-go containers and let your guests divvy up leftovers for continued enjoyment the next day. Go, team!

Are you throwing a game-day feast this Sunday? Share your favorite party planning and hosting tips with us below!

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Hana is a food writer/editor based in New York.