Not-Quite-52 Genius Super Bowl Snacks

January 31, 2018

I tried to gather up 52 Genius Super Bowl snack recipes for a super-sized game day party—and I almost made it. The snacks below include Dips, Wings & Other Bite-Sized Salty Things, Heftier Meal-Like Snacks, a few token Actual Vegetables, and lots of Cookies & Other Desserts to Eat with Your Hands. That should have you covered, right? Go team.


Wings & Other Bite-Sized Salty Things

Heftier Meal-Like Snacks

Actual Vegetables

Cookies & Other Desserts to Eat with Your Hands

Got a genius recipe to share—from a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Please send it my way (and tell me what's so smart about it) at [email protected].

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