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9 Comforting Grain Bowls to Ease You Into the Week

February  5, 2018

Ah, Monday. We meet again. Some people love the beginning of the week—a new start powered by a weekend of rest and relaxation. But I’m going to take a wild guess that, like me, you are not one of them. Monday is a day of reckoning.

I need robust meals to power through Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday…). Ideally, a dish I can throw together after a long day and still look look forward to eating in 24 hours (you can bet I want leftovers for lunch). Enter: grain bowls (well, any grain salad that may or may not be in bowls). Hearty grains like farro, kamut, or brown rice, hold up layers of crunchy vegetables, filling proteins, and a creamy, tangy dressings. Plus, they’re wonderfully flexible, adapting to whatever leftovers you have in your fridge or freezer, and scale up or down to fit a crowd of five or one. If you’d like a little grain-y guidance, here are ten of my favorite combinations.

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What camp are you in? Pro-Monday? Or are you with Garfield and me?

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