Comfort Food

16 Comfort Foods So Good You Won’t Miss the Meat

February 23, 2018

From saucy enchiladas weeping with cheese to slices of meatloaf atop fluffy mashed potatoes or bowls of creamy congee, everyone has his or her own version of comfort food. Maybe it’s a dish that was your childhood favorite, or a recipe passed down from generation to generation. The common thread in all those bowls and plates is that they leave a warm, fuzzy feeling in both body and soul.

Sure, many classic comfort foods involve healthy handfuls of dairy, eggs, and meat, but vegan recipes can offer equally soothing vibes. Whether it’s reimagining sloppy joes and hearty risotto, or cozy-in-their-own-right dals and braised vegetables, we promise there’s a comforting vegan dish with your name on it. Read on for 16 of our favorites.

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Share your favorite comfort food—vegan or not!—in the comments below. (Mine’s red beans and rice.)

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