The Secret to This Bright Salad Is Already in Your Fridge

March 13, 2018

Poor parsley. We turn to it to balance our soups and stews, or brighten our sauces and salads. But time and time again, we use only a handful, the rest of the bunch going wilty in the crisper drawer. Sure, you can make pesto. But there’s only so much pesto a person can eat.

Well, forget the pity party—we’ve found a light, crunchy dish where parsley’s the star. Ali Rosen, the host of Potluck with Ali and cookbook author of Bring It!, has created a wintery salad with oranges, walnuts, and endive that supports parsley’s powerful taste.

We see you, parsley! Photo by Rocky Luten

“Parsley is one of the most reliable additions to a dish, but what about making it take center stage?” she writes. “An ingredient as strong and sweet as an orange is a perfect companion for the parsley and the sharp crunch of endive.”

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Segmenting the oranges and chopping the endive, walnuts, and parsley takes about 30 minutes, but the undressed dish will last up to a day in the fridge before serving. The salad accepts substitutions, like arugula or radicchio instead of endive, but make sure to check the quality of the oranges—mealy, unripe citrus will make the entire dish lose its character.

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Nancy March 14, 2018
Great ideas here!
Also, think of parsley and other soft herbs as greens and use them in your green salads. (Don't use the woody, hardier herbs for this.)
Not only do they give a deeper flavor than most lettuce greens, but they help us use up the herbs we buy or grow and then ignore.
See also salads that feature herbs as a main ingredient
* Chef Frank Stitt of Alabama in his 2004 book, Southern Table.
* food writer Regina Schrambling in latimes March 23, 2005.