Fourth of July

Our 6 Grilling Blockbusters (Plus 11 Sleeper Hits)

July  1, 2018

Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, kebabs: Everyone loves summer's grilling blockbusters. These are the foods we’ve been dreaming about for months; the ones we inhale seconds and thirds of with relish. They’re the E.T.s, Harry Potters, and Toy Story 3s of the food world.

And while we’re always hungry for the hits, there’s also something exciting about the less-expected winners—the Napoleon Dynamites and My Big Fat Greek Weddings. Like burgers stuffed with vegetables or grilled avocado, they're the ones we didn’t even know we needed.

To celebrate the season, we’ve gathered a bit of both for you to try at your next get-together. For even more ideas, check out Any Night Grilling, our hot-off-the-presses ode to all things charred and crispy. We promise your audience, er, guests won't stop talking about these.

The Big, Bold Favorites

The Word-of-mouths You Can Trust

Looking for another hit? Check this out

We originally shared this list last month, but are bringing it back for the Fourth! What's your favorite unexpected dish to throw on the grill? Share recipes and menus in the comments below!

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Kt4 July 1, 2018
I'm no longer calling them chicken breast. From now on it'll be BBQ chicken ribs alongside the BBQ pork ribs! LoL