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A Vegan, No-Bake Fruit Tart for Summer’s Last Hurrah

From the masterminds of Rawsome Treats.

August 29, 2018

As much as I wish a bowl of berries or slice of melon satisfied my sweet tooth, I’d much (much) prefer cake or cookies. But baked goods require an oven and that’s just not something I can use when it feels like 90° F inside my apartment. Rather than sweat for my sweets, I’ve decided to turn to no-bake desserts, like this fruity, creamy tart.

Sacrifices must be made. Photo by Julia Gartland

The recipe comes from Watt Sriboonruang, founder of Rawsome Treats in New York City. An amateur Muay Thai fighter, Sriboonruang originally began making no-bake, vegan treats with unprocessed nuts, fruit ,and natural sweeteners like maple syrup to boost her energy while training. Over time, friends and fellow fighters began to ask for her desserts.

“I don’t have any culinary background,” Sriboonruang told me. “Trial and error is how I got started. If you enjoy it, then you’re willing to experiment.”

This summer tart, similar to one she sells in her store, showcases Sriboonruang’s mastery of texture and flavor. To make the crust, simply blitz cashew meal, a natural sweetener, and salt in a food processor, then press and freeze in a pie pan. For the filling, Sriboonruang insists on using raw, organic soaked cashews, which (with the help of nut milk and natural sweeteners) transform into a custardy filling. The fruit is up to you—we went with summery berries and kiwi, but feel free to experiment with whichever juicy or crisp fruit strikes your fancy.

Our test kitchen chefs made this tart on a sweltering August day, so we found a little more freezer time was helpful to ensuring it set. But we can’t speak to how well it keeps—we ate it all in 15 minutes flat.

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BerryBaby September 2, 2018
One 'bunch' of your favorite summer fruits' gives no indication as to how much...one pint, two pint containers, or is it 2 cups of berries? The only fruit I buy in bunches are bananas.
txchick57 August 30, 2018
$75 for one of these at her store. Insane. I know it's New York but does anyone actually buy one?