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17 Cozy One-Pot Wonders for Long Weekends In

Low, slow, braised goodness—even during the workweek.

October 31, 2018
Photo by Julia Gartland

The tea's a-brewing and the fireplace's a-crackling. We're getting Cozy at Home with warm-and-cuddly ideas for cooking, decorating, and more—so grab your fuzzy slippers and join us.

If you're looking for the fastest way to get people into the kitchen, go start a braise. The wafting aroma of deep-caramelized onions and browning meats is irresistible—enough to draw even the most content homebodies out from under their burrows.

We'd be hard-pressed to find a singular dish that competes with a braise's ease (one pot!) and comfort; it's the closest equivalent to a food hug, and we've already started gearing up for the cold-weather months that lie ahead.

Scroll below and start bookmarking your favorite one-pot wonders. And if you get home late during the workweek, jonesing for a slow-simmered meal? Well, we've got plenty of slow-cooker and Instant Pot/electric pressure cooker–compatible recipes for you, as well.

All the Tender Meats

Beans, Beans... Well, You Know

Slow Cooker & Instant Pot-Friendly

What have you got simmering? Share your cozy food favorites below!

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  • Dourado Luxury Car
    Dourado Luxury Car
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    Talicia Smith
Hana is a food writer/editor based in New York.


Dourado L. November 23, 2023
I'm always bummed when a list of proposed cocktails, in every instance, includes at least one odd, one off ingredient.

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Talicia S. November 7, 2018
I did a kielbasa, sauerkraut, and potato stew the other night that was banging.