Weeknight Cooking

15 Speedy Dinners That’ll Get You Through the Holiday Rush

30-minute meals are just what you need.

December 18, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

This is the week. The one where we’re either frantically checking our FedEx tracking codes or darting out into battlefields shopping malls, praying for last-minute inspiration. (And that’s not even taking into account how long it takes us to wrap those gifts…) In short: We barely have enough time to eat, much less cook.

So, you’ll need some speedy dinners. The meals quick enough to pull out of your back pocket, but also substantial enough to fill you up on these cold, blustery nights. Here, I’ve gathered 15 satisfying, no-fuss meals that you can start and eat within 30 minutes. Scroll down to pick one out for dinner tonight—then you can go back and keep refreshing your tracking number.

Speedy Soups & Stews

Be a Winner with a Chicken Dinner

The Power of Pasta

Comfort Cravings without the Fuss

Some smart storage solutions

What's your go-to 30-minute meal? Share recipes in the comments below!

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