38 Gift Ideas for People Who Seem to Have Everything

From books to soothe their wanderlust to weighted blankets for cozy vibes.

December 14, 2021
Photo by Julia Gartland

If you're feeling behind on holiday shopping, you’re not alone. They seem to creep up earlier and earlier each year, but when you factor in very delayed shipping times, it means I’m beyond a little late to the game on buying gifts for family and friends.

Thankfully, we have a ton of curated gift guides for everyone on your list—especially those who keep saying they already have everything. We bet they don't already have a beautiful copy of Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide or a robot vac and mop hybrid that makes easy work of cleaning floors.

So, the next time your friends or family say they have everything they want, just pick up one of these 38 perfect-for-anyone gifts. Don't forget to keep an eye on the shipping cutoff dates to ensure your gifts will arrive on time!

Stocking Stuffers

Photo by Cameo

1. Cameo Personalized Videos, $1+

Sure, they might have their favorite athlete’s jersey or bobble head toy, but we bet they don’t have a personalized video message from them. That’s where Cameo comes in. You can commission actors, athletes, comedians, musicians, and more to create video messages for your loved ones, and many within 24 hours too so it’s also a great last-minute gift (like truly last-minute).

Photo by Amazon

2. Roxy the Unisaurus Rex Presents: Oh No! The Talent Show by Eva Chen, $10.66

For youngsters who have read through every book they own (twice), Eva Chen's latest children's book should keep them occupied for oh, maybe half an hour. But the lessons about about self-confidence, friendship, and helping others will stick with them for years to come.

Photo by Maisonette

3. Pals Socks Taco & Hot Sauce Mismatched Socks Set, $10.99

Parents will never have to worry about mismatched socks and kids will get a kick out of wearing their favorite foods.

Photo by Headspace

4. Headspace Subscription, $12.99/monthly

For a close friend and family member who wants to become more mindful but doesn’t need another journal, a subscription to Headspace is thoughtful and practical. The app gives them the freedom to explore hundreds of videos and audio clips at their own pace to help them destress, decompress, and more. A monthly subscription comes with an extra 7 days free while an annual plan comes with 14, so your gift goes a bit further this season.

Photo by MasterClass

5. MasterClass Subscription, $15/monthly

If they have no idea how to cook despite having all the kitchen gadgets, try a subscription to MasterClass where they can learn from chefs like Alice Waters or Mashama Bailey. An annual subscription to the streaming platform means they can learn everything from how to cook to how to sleep better and even the power of resilience. There’s currently a 2-for-1 deal so you can get in on this gift for yourself, too.

Photo by Sephora

6. Laniege Sleeping Mask, $22

This product has been recommended so many times in the past few years, I’m almost sick of hearing about it—except, it works. Even if someone has used this before, they’ll be endlessly grateful for another little tub of it to get their inevitably dry lips through winter.

Photo by Julia Gartland

7. Clean Key No Touch Tool, $25

Public restrooms, trains, post offices, stores—you name it, they all have surfaces that need to be touched, and there’s not always a glove or paper towel handy. This little guy clips onto keys and expertly maneuvers door handles, levers, and even touch screens.

Photo by Julia Gartland

8. Five Two Compostable Sponge Cloths (Set of 10), $29

Compostable sponge cloths are a welcome addition in any household, whether someone knew they needed them or not. They do all the paper-towel grunt work, but can be cleaned and reused until it’s time to compost them.

Photo by Amazon

9. Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On, $29.94

In a world of hand sanitizer, there are a few things I look for: easy to carry or stash in my bag or pocket, doesn’t smell like bad tequila, and has enough alcohol content to be effective. Not only is this one made with more than 60% alcohol for an effective sanitizer, but it has a clip-on ring for convenience and looks way cuter than the utilitarian bottles we've been reaching for these past two years. This 6-pack on Amazon arrives with free two-day shipping, and you can break it up into multiple stocking stuffers.

Happy Middles

Photo by Amazon

1. Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras, $25.99

For the traveler or foodie, this coffee table book can transport them around the world with wonderful stories and photos that will leave their stomachs grumbling—all without ever leaving the couch.

Photo by Winc

2. Winc Wine Subscription, $29.95

Instead of browsing the wine shop for a bottle that looks like something they might like, try gifting a Winc wine subscription. It takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect bottle—you can take a quiz to start curating wines according to their tastes and preferences, and the algorithm takes care of the rest. Right now, you can also snag a free 12-piece set of glassware from yours truly.

Photo by Julia Gartland

3. USB Rechargeable Lighter, $32

A lighter that never runs out of juice? Yes, whoever it is on your list, they’ll appreciate it.

Photo by Briogeo

4. Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, $38

Unlike many deep-conditioning hair masks, this one really walks the walk. It’s a fabulous thing to weigh a stocking down with, for those with already-healthy or heat-damaged hair alike.

Photo by Ty Mecham

5. The Floral Society Fancy Pillar Candles, $37.50

Like candles (okay, they are candles), but art. If you bought them yourself you might feel too attached to burn them, but as a gift, they’ll be fully enjoyed.

Photo by Immi

6. Immi Instant Ramen Variety Pack, $39

If their culinary tastes skew more instant ramen, they'll love a variety pack of Immi's plant-based noods. They have more protein and less carbs that other instant ramen brands, and taste just as delicious.

Photo by James Ransom

7. S'well Eats Insulated Lunch Pot, $40

These leveled-up thermoses are everything the masses love about S’well bottles, but for meals. Like the water bottles, they keep food cold for 12 hours and hot for 7, and are leak-proof enough to toss into any bag with reckless abandon.

Photo by Brightland

8. Brightland The Couplet, $42

For anyone who's tried and loved Brightland's EVOO, introduce them to its farm-fresh honey made right here in the U.S. The set includes one jar of honey made in California and another from Hawai'i.

Photo by Amazon

9. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs, $44.99

If you know that someone has an Alexa or Google Home (which seems to be the case more often than not, anyway), they’d be ecstatic to add smart bulbs to their home-automated arsenal. These guys dim, change color, and turn off with a voice command, of course.

Photo by The Sill

10. Snake Plant, $48

Whether they’re a plant parent already or new to the gardening game, a snake plant is the safest bet for a gift. They’re extremely hardy and easy to keep alive, so you can rest assured your gift will be appreciated for some time.

Photo by Marlow

11. Marlow Pillow, $65 $48.75

If they just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep despite their best efforts (think: breathable sheets, black-out curtains, a white noise machine, and minimal phone usage before bedtime), Marlow’s adjustable pillow might be the answer. My colleague Jada has been using hers for a few months and it’s drastically improved her sleep to the point where she has trouble waking up. Right now, you can save 25 percent on two pillows so they’re a bit easier on your wallet.

Photo by Book of the Month

12. Book of the Month 3-Month Membership, $49.99

If you know a reader, but don’t know exactly what they’ve read lately, they’d unlikely be disappointed by a membership to Book of the Month, which gives them options to choose from, so you don’t have to choose!

Photo by Haus

13. Haus Sampler Kit, $50

Why aperitifs never got their deserved due is beyond me—they’re like wine that’s a touch stronger and drier, or liquor that’s a touch less alcohol-forward. They’re the perfect meet-in-the-middle beverage, and this set comes with four mix-and-match flavors of your choosing that would look particularly stately on a bar cart. Put in your oder by Thursday, December 16 for express shipping and delivery by Christmas.

Photo by WWF

14. WWF Symbolic Species Adoption, $55

Instead of gifting an item they might never use, make a worthwhile donation to the World Wildlife Fund in their name. It does come with an adorable plush animal, and if the giftee really does have everything, maybe you should keep it?

Photo by Thrive Market

15. Thrive Market Membership, $59.95

All things organic, clean, and environmentally conscious in one place, and with this gift, you’ve just given someone the ticket in.

Photo by MJ Kroeger

16. Thomas Keller Insignia Universal Cookware Lid, $60–$80

If they're always short a lid when they absolutely need it (which is all the time), a universal one like this can come in so clutch. Designed by Chef Thomas Keller, the flat design means easy storage and the two sizes can accommodate a wide range of pots and pans.

Photo by Julia Gartland

17. Hario Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle, $66

Up your friend’s pour-over coffee game with a stately gooseneck kettle—one that never has to leave the stove, because that’s how good it looks.

Photo by Daily Harvest

18. Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box, $75

If you’re going to give a gift that takes up freezer space, it’s gotta be worth it. Daily Harvest bowls certainly are, since they’re lightning-fast to prepare, full of whole foods, and probably won’t hang out in the freezer for very long anyway—they’re quite tasty.

Big 'Uns

Photo by Brooklinen

1. Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set, $109 $92.65

Nothing—and I mean nothing—is a better gift than a crisp set of percale sheets. If I got sheets every holiday for the rest of my days, I wouldn’t complain.

Photo by Best Buy

2. Sony Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones, $179.99 $98

A work-from-home-with-other-people necessity: noise-cancelling headphones. Even those with Airpods will appreciate the superior dulling of others’ conference calls in the background once they try these out.

Photo by Goldbelly

3. Ina's Cookies + Bars - Choose Your Own, $99

I was shocked to learn that Ina Garten doesn’t have her own store (yes, really!), so you can’t buy her treats—unless you follow her recipes or you snag some at Goldbelly. The iconic baker and cook is selling her faves like peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and chocolate brownies with walnuts online, and you can choose two of your their favorites for a delicious gift they’ll dig into immediately.

Photo by Tushy

4. Tushy Classic Bidet Attachment, $129 $99

The way we do toilet hygiene here in the U.S. just really leaves something to be desired. Paper? Every time? Really? Rather than discuss it further, just send one of these amazing bidet attachments as a gift, and treat them to a little luxury.

Photo by Katz Delicatessen

5. Katz Delicatessen Reuben Package, $120

Food gifts are the best gifts for those that have everything, because they don’t need to keep it, they just need to eat it. This Katz Deli Reuben package comes with the works (rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, pickles) and will definitely earn you major points, even among gentiles.

Photo by Riley

6. Riley Four Layer Robe, $119

Robes are such a treat-yourself gift, which means it's a great idea for someone who rarely indulges themselves. This one from Riley is made from comfy, breathable cotton with a handy hanging loop and large pockets for all their snacks.

Photo by Modsy

7. Modsy Plan, $159+

If your loved one’s space has all the furniture and decor it needs (or can hold), but they still insist that something is missing, Modsy’s virtual interior design services can help. It’s a great idea for any space that could use some rearranging and reimagination. The gift arrives digitally in their inbox and can be scheduled anytime, so you can grab the gift today and get it delivered on Christmas if you’d like.

Photo by Nordstrom

8. BoseSoundLink Revolve II Bluetooth Speaker, $219

At some point in the distant past, smart speakers were an essential part of a dinner party or housewarming. Now, though, they cut through the doldrums of another day spent working in one’s living room, and queue up emotional soundtracks in the shower.

Photo by Bearaby

9. Bearaby Velvet Napper, $299

This blanket hugs the user in a deep-pressure touch embrace, and the velvet is surprisingly soft given it's made from recycled plastic.

Photo by Best Buy

10. Tineco Floor One S5 Wet/Dry Vacuum Hard Floor Cleaner, $499.99

They might have a vacuum… they might have a mop… but do they have… a VACMOP? No, they do not. It's a major time saver for our market editor Jada Wong, who's been using it endlessly in her kitchen for mysterious spills and stains.

Photo by iRobot

11. iRobot Roomba j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum (7550), $849.99 $649.99

Hey, big spender. Whoever is on your list is super lucky, because this robot vac does it all. It keeps your floors clean without eating up cords or socks or running over your pet's fun "presents," and empties itself right into a little bin that you don't have to touch until it's full. The built-in Wi-Fi connects with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice-controlled cleaning, and the smart mapping features means it can clean your whole space or just the dirty spots easily.

This post was updated in December 2021 with more great gift ideas.

What kinds of gifts do you get for those hard-to-shop-for people? Let us know below!

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