11 Feast-Worthy Dishes We're Making on Repeat This Winter

Hearty stews, buttery mashed potatoes, and more.

December 19, 2019

In partnership with Pepcid®—makers of heartburn relief that's fast and lasts all day*—we're sharing the winter dishes we can't wait to feast on this holiday season. Think: salty-spicy snack mix, cheesy potato potato gratin, creamy hot chocolate, and more.

If you asked me to write down all the recipes I plan to make and eat this winter, the list would be very long: flaky, golden pies (filled with applies, pears, and the like), cozy soups and stews, lots and lots of root vegetables (roasted, mashed, and more), and plenty of warm drinks to sip.

But there are a few particular bites I look forward to more than all the rest, thanks to their supreme flavor (aka lots of heavy cream or butter), seasonality, and the ease with which they feed a crowd. Also, the fact that I can never say no to seconds when they're on the table.

From a lusciously cheesy potato gratin to a hearty lamb stew with butternut squash, here are 11 wintry dishes that'll make you—and anyone lucky enough to come over for dinner—want to lick the plate clean.

11 Feast-Worthy Dishes for the Holidays & Beyond

1. Sweet & Spicy Pretzel & Nut Mix

I dare you to eat just one handful of this sweet-meets-salty-meets-spicy snack mix with chocolate, ginger, cayenne, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Impossible? Yeah, that's what I thought.

2. Devils on Hatchback

It's hard to say no to bacon-wrapped anything, but these fiery devils on hatchbacks—they get their heat from hatch green chiles, and balancing creaminess from cream cheese—are especially difficult to turn down. (Which is why I always eat at least six.)

3. Salt & Vinegar Mashed Potatoes

Fact: These buttery, wonderfully tangy salt and vinegar mashed potatoes from Big Little Recipes whiz Emma Lapperuque are more satisfying than a bag of potato chips.

4. Todd Coleman's Potato Gratin

This potato gratin has everything you might expect from the classic—soft, thinly sliced potatoes, a rich cream sauce, and a bubbling-browned cheesy layer on top—only it's ready in half the time, and can even be made ahead.

5. Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash

This uber-cozy stew with tender lamb and butternut squash is exactly the type of dish you want to tuck into after stepping foot in the chilly outside (or, you know, watching the snow fall from the comfort of your couch).

6. Coffee-Rubbed Ribeye Roast

This succulent roast rubbed with a mix of ground coffee beans, black peppercorns, salt, and dried garlic is just the thing to serve at a big holiday dinner—just don't forget to let it rest before slicing and serving.

7. Maple Meringue Filled Doughnuts

Behold, the perfect weekend baking project to try out this winter: light and airy donuts dipped in fine sugar and stuffed with a subtly sweet maple meringue filling.

8. Meyer Lemon Cheesecake with Biscoff Crust

Make this creamy cheesecake flavored with the juice and zest of Meyer lemons as a special-occasion dessert (or no-occasion treat) while the citrus is still in season—now until around March.

9. Spiced Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are slightly spicy (thanks, chipotle chile powder), studded with raisins and chocolate chips, and have a little trick hiding up their sleeves: They just so happen to be gluten-free.

10. Hot Chocolate Demitasses

Nothing says the holidays are here quite like a steaming-hot cup of silky hot chocolate (with a dollop of whipped cream of course), and this recipe from Alice Medrich is one of the best.

11. Apple Peel Tea

If making homemade applesauce (or anything requiring peeled apples, really) is on the agenda, then be sure to add brewing a batch of this spiced apple peel to the list.

Which winter dishes are you excited to feast on this season? Tell us in the comments below!

In partnership with Pepcid®, we're sharing the seasonal recipes we're adding to our winter must-cook (and eat!) list. From buttery mashed potatoes with a vinegar twist to super-creamy hot chocolate, we'll always go for a second helping of the dishes on this lineup. Products from our partner Pepcid treat heartburn and last all day*, so you can savor the flavors of the season.

*Based on eight hours of symptom relief studies during the day.

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