The Latest ‘Genius’ Cookbook Looks Like Another Winner

Plus the juicer everyone wants, a better faux Aperol spritz, and more news from the Food52 community.

August 14, 2023
Photo by Julia Gartland

Food52 founding editor, Kristin Miglore, has done it again. Last year, when we announced the publication of her latest cookbook—Simply Genius: Recipes for Beginners, Busy Cooks & Curious People—we knew it would be another winner. Her series of cookbooks based upon her Genius recipe column has already notched one award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), and last week, the organization showed her some love once again by making Simply Genius a finalist in the General category of the 2023 IACP Cookbook awards.

Kristin's book is in good company—Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Extra Good Things Bold and Milk Street: Cook What You Have are also finalists—and the IACP will announce the winners in late September. Even without this accolade, the book is a hit with our community members. “If I had to choose any of my hundred or more recipe books to take on a desert island,” writes one reviewer, Elizabeth B., “I would choose Genius [Recipes] and Genius Desserts and now Simply Genius. They are the best!” Congrats to Kristin!

Here’s what else is happening around the Food52 community this month.

The Food52 Cookbook Club Revisits the Classics

Speaking of cookbooks, the Food52 Cookbook Club is revisiting the first titles members cooked from via a series of cooking challenges. To make it easy for members who don’t have every book the club has covered since its 2017 launch, we’re choosing to cook recipes together that have appeared on the Food52 site, starting with Melissa Clark’s Crispy Salt and Pepper Pork, from her book Dinner, Changing the Game. It makes quick work of a pork shoulder, something I typically braise for hours, and my family all enjoyed these tingly pork lettuce wraps that take very little effort to pull together.

The Fluicer is a Fan Favorite

The newest juicer in our Shop is one of the most-saved and favorited items among our community right now. The fold-flat design, ergonomic, accordion-like squeezer, and durable plastic construction are all likely reasons why it’s such a fan favorite, and why we can barely keep it on our (digital) shelves. It has now sold out not once but three times, but it’s back in stock now. Maybe it’s time to take it off your wish list?

A Better Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz

The New York Times recently ran a story on a topic we’ve covered extensively—how to build a non-alcoholic bar—and recommended using a bottle of Wilfred’s as an Aperol replacement. We just happen to sell mocktail kits that come with Wilfred’s, which makes it easy to recreate this faux spritz—and a phony Negroni.

“I have been looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to Campari and sparking wine, and this combo-pack delivered,” one happy customer, Kairi N., writes in the reviews.

I also recently purchased the Wilfred’s and have been enjoying it in the spritz recipe featured on the back of their bottle, which calls for 1 part Wilfred’s to 2 parts tonic, plus an orange slice. Pair it with an aperitivo-hour cocktail glass, and it will feel as special as the real deal.

From 'Bake It Up a Notch' to Netflix

ICYMI, our baking resident Erin Jeanne McDowell is now starring in a new Netflix show, The Great Big Nailed It Challenge, a spinoff of the original Nailed It! reality show. As she made clear in her interview about the new hosting gig, she’s not sending anyone home. Rather, she’s just coaching novice bakers to become more proficient—something she’s perfected over the years of hosting Bake It Up a Notch. The latest episode of her Food52 video series happens to be themed around one of my favorite things ever: tomato pies.

Our First Members-Only Sale

Our new loyalty program, The Table, is holding its first-ever members-only sale through August 15, and you can still access it when you join the program now.

If you happen to miss it, don’t worry, there are many other perks to look forward to, like members-only events and early access to all of our regular sales. Check out all the perks below.

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