In the Test Kitchen -- and Welcome Back Merrill

March 21, 2012

It was a happy day in the Test Kitchen yesterday as the FOOD52 team welcomed Merrill back into our Tuesday routines of chopping, stirring, and mixing. As you can see above, she's thrilled too! But like a true professional, she quickly got down to business as she and Amanda tackled the Your Best Celery finalists.

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For our associate editor (and intrepid Instagrammer) Kristy, it was a day for spring cleaning. She found this pair of adorable pastel pots while going through Amanda's kitchen, and later in the day she rolled up her sleeves and bravely faced the oldest jars and condiments in Amanda's fridge. It wasn't pretty, but she emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, Kristen mixes up another Genius recipe. (Check back on Friday to learn which one!) Our photographer James Ransom works magic with the pale light of spring as he shoots away, and we thought this tidy, tiny bowl of cracked egg shells was too cute not to photograph ourselves.

It was a day full of funny and delicious moments -- like when Addie stopped by the kitchen to show off her manicure or when some squares of chopped chocolate suddenly...disappeared...from the cutting board.

Welcome back Merrill! And til next Tuesday, when we'll yet again turn our camera phones' eyes to the fun that goes on in our Test Kitchen.

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    Merrill Stubbs
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Panfusine March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merrill! Great to see you again on F52!
boulangere March 21, 2012
It's so good to see you back, and all smiles, Merrill!
drbabs March 21, 2012
Hey Merrill--welcome back! And give a big kiss to that little sweetie of yours from all her honorary "aunties!"
duclosbe1 March 21, 2012
Welcome back, Merrill! I'm glad to hear baby Clara is doing well.
Merrill S. March 21, 2012
You're all very kind. Clara is happy and healthy and gets bigger every day!
cookinginvictoria March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merrill! You look wonderful. So good to see you back in the kitchen. Hope that baby Clara is letting you get some sleep. I made your Irish Brown Soda Bread ( last night for breakfast this morning -- delicious!
Kitchen B. March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merrill. You look well. Take care, and hope the young 'un's good. And adoring father too!
mrslarkin March 21, 2012
Yippee! We've missed you, Merrill! How's baby Clara doing?
EmilyC March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merrill! You look great -- you have that new mommy glow! Hope you're managing to get some rest.
Merrill S. March 21, 2012
Thanks, guys! Its great to be back.
Devangi R. March 21, 2012
Yay! Welcome back ! I hope we will have the pleasure of watching some videos of you too cooking together!
Fairmount_market March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merreill! Nice to see your smiles.
inpatskitchen March 21, 2012
Welcome back Merrill! We've missed you!