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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

July 19, 2012

We've got a bevvy of Walker-and-Addie standbys in today's lunch snapshot: ham and cucumber sandwiches, a big favorite, paired this time with farmer's cheese and a chimichurri sauce that you'll be seeing on FOOD52 sooner or later. And dessert? Anne Dimock's Genius rhubarb pie, a perfect end to a summery lunch.

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Pegeen July 19, 2012
Is that Branston pickle on the ham?
julieah July 19, 2012
what is farmer's cheese?
em-i-lis July 19, 2012
My 6 yr old is heavy into cucumber and watercress sandwiches right now, and blackberry pie is his fave dessert. My 3 yr old prefers salads which I think is both awesome and a hoot. :) I think all our kids have good taste!!