5 Links to Read Before Cooking Corn

August  7, 2013

Each week, we’ll be sharing a comprehensive list of links to help you master a cooking technique. Culinary greatness, here you come.

Today: Everything you need to know about cooking corn.

Corn on the CobGrilled Corn with Basil ButterCreamless Creamed CornCorn Chowder

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Corn on the cob is one of summer’s simple pleasures. There's nothing better than stopping for a few ears at a roadside market on the way home from the beach and shucking them (a task best done outside, with shoes off and music blasting) when you get home. Once the corn is prepped, the options for cooking and serving it are endless: pasta, salad, cake, chowder and ice cream are all suitable vessels. But sometimes, the classic route -- butter, salt, eaten right off the cob -- is the only way to go.

  • Before you get started, read up on all things corn. (Food52.)
  • Cutting corn off the cob? Use this trick. (Food52.) 

Sweet Corn and Black Pepper Ice Cream

What are your tips for cooking corn? Tell us in the comments!

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Gastroguy August 7, 2013
I can't help but think I'd be remiss if I didn't include this link. Especially if you are only making a couple ears at a time, this trick is a miracle!
CenPaCook August 7, 2013
Our family has found the best and fastest way to cook corn is to steam it in a pot with only a few inches of water in the bottom. The cobs do need to be stacked in the pot in alternating layers to allow circulation of steam. This method is quicker because you don't need heat a monster pot of water and the corns flavor is not lost in the pot of water. Just watch to ensure water doesn't boil away or the bottom cobs will be roasted. Enjoy!!!
carswell August 7, 2013
I have a two tiered vegetable steamer that I use for this. As you say, it saves energy in boiling huge pots of water.
Valerie S. August 7, 2013
Oh whoops! Second two links. I read about husking and boiling to see if there was something I needed to know.... and the advice (and, probably, the tasks) are as basic as could be.
Valerie S. August 7, 2013
These first two links explained the extremely obvious.
Kenzi W. August 7, 2013
I actually didn't know much about kernel pollination before Nozlee's article (the first link) -- but I'm sorry you didn't learn anything from it!