A Week's Worth of Pie with Four & Twenty Blackbirds

November 15, 2013

For #PieWeek, our guest editors are Emily and Melissa Elsen, the pie mavens behind Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY. They will be sharing recipes all week from their first cookbook, and giving away a copy each day!

Today: Pie Week was fun -- good thing the Holidays are around the corner. Don't forget: Today's your last chance to win a copy of the new pie bible.

It's hard not to bring a smile to someone's face when serving up a slice of homemade pie. Thanks to the new Four & Twenty Blackbirds cookbook, we have the power to recreate the feeling in our kitchens, with confidence. This week, our guest editors reminded us that getting a little creative, staying seasonal, and mixing some love into your dough is the best way to come out on top of the pie game. 

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Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie

Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie on Food52 


All-Butter Crust

All Butter Crust on Food52

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Cranberry Sage Pie

Cranberry Sage Pie on Food52



Lemon Chess Pie


Lemon Chess Pie on Food52 

Photo by Gentl & Hyers

We're giving away one last copy of The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, tell us in the comments: What do you love most about pie? (Unfortunately, we can only ship domestically.)

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Julia December 4, 2016
pie crust makes or breaks it, and you can put almost anything you like inside.
Sarah December 11, 2013
I love pie because it's the first real food I made. I spent a summer in college getting my heart broken in the middle of nowhere, far away from friends and family. I didn't know how to make anything at the start, but, needing something to do, I learned to make pie. It was simple and forgiving and its flexibility allowed me to make either dinner or dessert. It made me feel like I knew what I was doing; it got me through.
Kelsey November 29, 2013
A great piece of pie is to be savored and takes you to a place of comfort. After indulging you just feel perfectly satiated. Pie is the ultimate in happiness :)
Michelle J. November 28, 2013
I Love Pie because it reminds me of my Grandmother. Our Family would fight over the last piece of her Melloscotch Meringue Pie every Holiday. I was fortunate enough to make a rendition of her Melloscotch Pie for her to try. She was 92
Lark November 24, 2013
The best pies I've eaten were in Germany and now when I make or eat pie, I feel sentimental about that country where I once lived.
Heather November 21, 2013
butter. the best pie crusts are the butteriest ones. and lets face it, savory or sweet, everything is better with butter as its base.
Zoe November 18, 2013
I love pie because, like creating a work of art, I can feel totally and utterly content when my work is done. The process is just as satisfying as the finished pie. From cutting in the butter, to brushing egg yoke onto the top crust... All of it is pure poetry! And even if it doesn't look perfect, it somehow always tastes perfect. :)
kkajewski November 18, 2013
Whatever the occasion a pie will suit. A pie can be sweet or savory. There's nothing better than a chicken pot pie on a chilly night. The smell fills the senses as well as the belly. Yet, come summertime when the stone fruit ripens a creamy caramelized nectarine pie is the talk of the neighborhood BBQ.
Every culture has their form of pies. They may be known by a different name but they are pies all the same. Large or small- I'll eat them all! :o)
SoVery November 17, 2013
Sharing it with someone you love!
Jamie D. November 17, 2013
I love the crust and contrasting that with the inside! Plus the creativity and variety you get to put into the filling.
taste A. November 17, 2013
the crustiness of the crust combined with the gooeyness/creaminess/juiciness of the filling!
Andshewas November 17, 2013
I love the versatility of pie. Creamy/Fruity. Sweet/Savory. I love that even people who aren't dessert-people like pie. Pies and tarts are "cook's desserts". As opposed to cake, bringing a pie doesn't seem like you're trying to hard. ;)
Michele C. November 17, 2013
making up a pie and seeing how pleased my guests are to get to enjoy a classic dessert!
Lela D. November 17, 2013
There are hundreds of desserts, but pie is the most delicious of all..there is something special about a pie and can be used for any time of meal..fancy or simple fare. Everyone likes pie!
Shack November 17, 2013
I love the perfect crust to filling ratio, the satisfaction when an apple pie come out bubbling and brown, the thanksgiving smell that fills my house as my pies bake, and that I can eat pumpkin pie for breakfast the next day!
Angela November 16, 2013
question: what is the pie that is the preview image for the "Everything You Need to Make the Perfect Pie" article?
Daisy November 16, 2013
I love how versatile pie is! It can be made with fruity, sweet, or savory fillings.
Boulder B. November 16, 2013
My favorite part of pie is eating it the next morning as leftovers with a strong cup of coffee!
Lil R. November 16, 2013
I love all the varieties that you can make, sweet or savory!
Sean November 16, 2013
The crust.