7 Olive Recipes

March  7, 2014

Olives just might be the most controversial items in any room. Offer a bowl of olives to any group, anywhere, any time, and prepare for the backlash. "Olives! I looooove olives!" some will scream, while others echo refrains of aversion: "I hate olives"; "I'll have the Greek salad -- no olives"; "Are there olives in this?"

To the olive lovers: this one's for you. To the olive haters: are you willing to give it another go? At the end of the day, you might still scrunch your face at the thought of these salty, pit-laden poppers, but what if things have changed? What if, miracle-of-all-miracles, you find a way to enjoy this tiny fruit of biblical proportions? (You at least like olive oil, right?) In any case, we're extending the proverbial olive branch: Here are 7 olive recipes for the lovers, haters, and reluctant converts among us. 

Burrata and Olive Tapenade Crostini by susankuess

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Olive all'Ascolana by arielleclementine


Chicken that Fancies Itself Spanish with Lemons, Onions & Olives by MeghanVK


Citrus Olive Couscous by vegetarianirvana


Grape, Almond, and Olive Oil Cake by Gourmetphd


Josh Besh's Green Olive Tapenade by Merrill Stubbs


Grilled Fennel Flatbread with Olives and Sultanas by Girl Farm Kitchen 

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Julie Myers

Written by: Julie Myers

Perpetually hungry. Will travel for food.

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beejay45 March 13, 2014
The olive haters, yes! I'm not sure what it is they think they hate about olives many times I've gone out of my way to be sure there's enough non-olive dishes for a buffet or cocktail party to satisfy the olive averse only to find them chowing down on something obviously olive-laden and loving every bite. No, I don't tell them, "Nanner-nanner, you just ate olives and loved them!" Why spoil their illusions. ;)

Thanks for collecting these recipes. There are one or two that are new to me, so all to the good.