A question about a recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach

I have a question about the ingredient "granulated sugar + more for sprinkling on cookies" on the recipe "Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach" from sdebrango.
Can i use Bakers Sugar vs. Granulated Sugar?

  • Posted by: PaulieG
  • December 10, 2011
Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach
Recipe question for: Chocolate Hazelnut Rugelach


sdebrango December 10, 2011
I just looked up bakers sugar and in fact it is superfine, its fine to use that.
sdebrango December 10, 2011
By bakers sugar do you mean powdered sugar? If so no you can't use it but if its superfine sugar that would be an acceptable substitute. After you have rolled the cookies and brushed with the egg wash you sprinkle with the granulated sugar. Powdered sugar would not work. I hope they turn out well! Let me know.
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