Make this all the time and we love it. Anyone tried other cheeses? For example, would parmesan work? Manchego?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • December 15, 2011


amysarah December 15, 2011
Hmm. Never done it with the ball/press method, but I can't see why not. I usually chill the dough in a log, then slice very thin - if they look too thick I just roll over the slices or smoosh them with the bottom of a glass (very hi-tech here!) I use more butter than the recipe calls for, so maybe that makes the dough more pliable/rollable.
SKK December 15, 2011
Amysarah - your idea sounds great. Did you do 50/50 cornmel and flour? Thanks in advance.
amysarah December 15, 2011
It's actually based on a recipe for 'cornmeal cheddar icebox crackers' in Martha Stewart's hors d'oeuvres book (don't judge ;-) - that I've hot-rodded, depending on what I have around. It calls for 1 cup flour and 2 T cornmeal, but I usually do more like 2-4T cornmeal, and proportionately less flour. (Gruyere/thyme ones based on same book.)
SKK December 15, 2011
Hey, I have Martha's book also and love it. No problems here.

I tried the recipe your mention but had trouble rolling them out to be thin enough. Great minds - I used some spicy peppers I bought at the Farmer's Market and dehydrated and ground them up so they are ready to go.

Question I don't want to ask publicly because I should know. Do you MS recipe could be made into balls and pressed?
hardlikearmour December 15, 2011
I haven't made these crackers, but have used manchego in a relatively similar cracker. I bet gruyere would be good, too. I probably wouldn't use parmesan as a sole cheese, due to the texture & non-meltyness, but could see using it in combo with another cheese.
SKK December 15, 2011
Thanks HLA! Been looking for a good cracker recipe to serve with dymnyno's Onion Bacon Jam and thought this might be good. Thanks for your advice!
amysarah December 15, 2011
I also do not this, but a very similar recipe - and have used gruyere w/fresh thyme. I agree about only using part parm - but in combo with a meltier, milder cheese it would be good.

For T-giving I did some crackers with cornmeal and flour, cheddar and a pinch of cayenne (that time also threw in a little chopped jalapeno, simply because my summer plant refused to cease and desist production.)
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