Best italian olive oil/ capezzana, frantoio, other?

Tuscan or sicilian?



bigpan January 13, 2012
"preseason" should say "pressed". (darn iPad speller)!
bigpan January 13, 2012
Whichever brand or location you choose, the best quality products will have a date on the label just like wine. Olives preseason the late fall usually do not hit North American shelves until the following spring at best. So, look for a date with a year. A date three years old will not be as fresh as one a year old.
davidpdx January 13, 2012
As you can expect, there is no such thing as "best," only what tastes best to you, as the taste profiles -- fruity, bitter, peppery, etc.-- vary greatly and affect your tastebuds differently than other people's. We use the Sicilian Frantoia almost exclusively because we like it and it is reasonably priced. We also like Ranieri from Liguria. Some people swear by the less expensive Spanish Columela, though we haven't tried it.
GIOVANNI50 January 13, 2012
I've read also capezzana uses 3 varieties of olives and is rich that way. Will try Ligurian
Chrissylrat January 13, 2012
Francois is our fave. Also like jansal valley wasabi infused olive oil for a hot kick ( but mainly as a finishing oil)...
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