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What is the correct internal temperature for parbaking this (shaped 1/2 recipe into fat batards)? Thanks so much. ;o)

Italian Style Boule
Recipe question for: Italian Style Boule


Ginger January 14, 2016
Does the 200-205 internal temp for a completed boule also work for a 1 lb boule? I am looking to completely bake a 1lb boule. Thanks
AntoniaJames January 14, 2016
Yes, bake to the same temperature, no matter the size of the loaf or boule. That's what makes this method so sensible and easy to use. ;o)
boulangere January 25, 2012
Thanks, hla. I just finished reading the question, the WHOLE question, too! AJ, go for 165 on a par-baked temp. It's important to coagulate the proteins, then basically finish driving off some moisture and brown on the final bake. Thanks for your patience.
AntoniaJames January 25, 2012
Yes, HLA is right, I was asking about the internal temperature for partially baking. Not having heard anything last night from the Hotline, I did some research online at The Fresh Loaf, and determined that yeast stops working at 140 degrees, which pretty much defines the point of maximum "oven spring." I put my probe in and set the oven to 140, and sure enough, at that temperature the loaves had lightly browned but had "sprung" nicely. So I took them out, cooled them overnight, and this morning, tripled wrapped and popped them in the freezer. All the while, i was asking myself why I didn't start this project when the boys were home! Mr T is not complaining, however. He's enjoying the first large loaf, which will be used for herbed croutons and French toast as well as sandwiches and toast for snacking. This recipe creates a sensational bread, which is perfect in every respect.. (I modified the recipe to use more water in the preferment, according to the instructions in boulangere's blog.) Thank you, everyone. ;o)
hardlikearmour January 25, 2012
Wouldn't 200-205 be for the finished loaf? I think AJ wants to partially bake them now, and finish them later. My answer for parbaking would be to bake them until they have finished rising, but haven't taken on much if any color, but I don't know what internal temperature that would be.
boulangere January 25, 2012
Thank you, sdb! I went to bed early last night, and just read the question. Your answer is exactly right.
sdebrango January 25, 2012
Hi AJ, I defer to boulangere if I am wrong but have made 10 loaves now the last 2 being fat batards and internal temp that boulangere said is 200-205. Thats the temp I used and mine were perfect.
sdebrango January 25, 2012
I am sorry I didn't see that you wanted to parbake. Maybe boulangere knows the answer. I have parbaked just like HLA describes and have never taken an internal temperature. When I baked my loaves yesterday after a little over 15 (closer to 20) minutes when you rotate 180 degrees they appeared to have finished rising and had only the palest color. If I were parbaking I would have taken them out at that time.
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