A question about a recipe: Kicharee -- When I rinsed the dal, the water turned yellow.

I have a question about the ingredient "Split Green Mung Dal (available at Indian grocers)" on the recipe "Kicharee" from Lena S..
Why would the rinse water be yellow? The dal was from Thailand, and looked normal. Nothing was listed in the ingredients except 'mung dal.' Could it be a turmeric derivative, to preserve and protect from insects?

susan g
  • Posted by: susan g
  • January 25, 2012
Recipe question for: Kicharee


susan G. February 17, 2012
Thanks, Sam and Lena. I thought of another possibility. I know that green split peas, yellow splits and red lentils (masoor dal) like to stick together when they are rinsed. Maybe this is a coating of some kind of oil to prevent that. Certainly seemed like something was added and not labeled. I know what you mean, Lena, about the dust, but I don't think that would be this color.
Lena S. February 16, 2012
Hi - I wonder the same thing - it could be coated with some colour - or it could be dust of the dal from processing - only say this because usually if you rinse or soak dal the water gets a bit murky - I usually rinse all my dals until the water is clear. To be honest - not sure!
Sam1148 January 25, 2012
You maybe right that the Dal might have a spray of tumeric to boost color. I really don't know. But I do know that the yellow dal really doesn't retain it's yellow color after cooking---more a pale light blond for the product I use.
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