Would all these root vegetables (types) hold in water if I wanted to prep ahead of time? How long can they hold in water?

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Jerry Traunfeld's Root Ribbons with Sage" from Genius Recipes. It says:

"Wash and peel the roots and discard the peelings. Continue to peel the vegetables from their tops to the root tips to produce ribbons, rotating the roots on their axis a quarter turn after each strip is peeled, until you're left with cores that are too small to work with. (You can snack on these or save them for stock.) Alternately, you may use a mandoline."

  • Posted by: muggins
  • February 19, 2012
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1 Comment

Kristen M. February 19, 2012
Yes, I believe they would hold very well in water in the fridge. The only one that discolors quickly is burdock, and black salsify will get a subtle brownish tint over time (not sure about white salsify), but a splash of lemon juice should help those, if you're using them. I think you'd be fine doing the prep the night or even 2 nights before.
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