A question about a recipe: Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf

For the FOOD52 editors who tested "Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf" for Jenny's piece: How long did you cook it? The recipe says 1.5 hours at 375 degrees. Even covered, that would produce a tough, dry loaf in my oven, especially using ground turkey. And did you use white turkey meat? (The caption with the photo at the top of the home page refers to it as a "new white meat.") Finally, what is the correct internal temperature for done-ness, and how long should it rest? Thanks so much. ;o)

Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf
Recipe question for: Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf


sporkme March 13, 2012
Just make sure you poke some holes it in so the sauce seeps in a bit - I live in Australia so we can't easily get turkey and they don't differentiate between the white and dark meat IF you find it. Keep an eye on it as everyone's ovens are different, and be sure not to overcook.
Kristen M. March 7, 2012
The ground turkey we got in our grocery delivery on shoot day turned out to be mostly white meat, and we wished for a little more dark meat (I'm not sure what kind Jenny used). We did bake it for the full time, but because of many a chocolate cake in the oven that day, we had to shift from 300 to 400 degrees midway through -- but we knew Jenny had tested the recipe and liked it. I just edited the recipe to include an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, and we only rested it long enough for it to be cool enough to eat -- hope that helps!
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