I recently made a yam soup. The base was a vegetarian broth and three nice size yams that were roasted and then pureed with the stock. The consistency and color were beautiful but I was a little stymied with the seasonings. I pureed three gloves of garlic that had been used in the stock with the yams and added some smokey paprika and a little cayenne. A dollop of sour cream and parsley for the finish. No complaints from the family but I think it could have been really great is I had used something else for seasoning/flavor. Any suggestions?

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jenmmcd November 17, 2010
I like to use a mix of sweet potato and butternut squash and add apples and a little bit of tomato. Might sound like a weird mix, but it add sweetness and acidity and I think it's very, very yummy.

AntoniaJames November 17, 2010
Curry powder reinforced with cumin seeds, roasted and ground, and coriander seeds, roasted and ground, at a ration of 3 (curry powder) : 2 (ground cumin) : 1 (ground coriander). Juice of a lime and a huge handful of cilantro, chopped, added before serving. Plus lots of sauteed onions and garlic, and perhaps some minced fresh ginger = the garlic used. ;o)
hardlikearmour November 17, 2010
How about natural peanut butter.
beyondcelery November 17, 2010
I'd add a bit more garlic, but I love lots of garlic. Also, try using a more flavorful pepper for your spice. Cayenne is great for heat, but chipotle adds great full-flavored smokiness and goes particularly well with yams. I often add a dash of allspice to yams or butternut squash to give a middle level of flavor between sweet and spicy. Mix a bit of ground chipotle and a dash of lemon juice into the sour cream to make the garnish more interesting. I also love to toss chopped green onions over soups for a bit more zest than parsley.
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