Can this sauce be canned and processed for shelf stability? (Looking for new things to do with the 3 quarts + of blueberries that I'll be picking...

... every evening during the weeks to come . . .) Thanks so much! ;o

Blueberry Grappa Sauce
Recipe question for: Blueberry Grappa Sauce


Amanda H. June 24, 2012
AJ -- sorry, somehow missed your question. I'm sure, with adjustments (making more of a sugar syrup, cooking the fruit longer, etc), you could preserve it, but I haven't tried it.
Droplet June 20, 2012
I just saw this in a side banner elsewhere and thought you might just like it since you have an abundance of blueberries. The grappa could still replace the moonshine.
Droplet June 20, 2012
AJ, I really think this is inherently a fresh "sauce"and not meant to be canned; You'll loose the two tone berries and the alcohol will permeate them in the canning process turning it more into a boozy jam than booze accented fruit. But if you wash your berries well and freeze them in a single layer so they stay separate (transfer to a container or plastic bags after that) you could effectively make this out of blueberry season. I, too, love this sauce.
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