can you store dried beans and grains in the freezer?

I have a horrible problem with pantry moths.... They have even hit my secret chocolate stash!



chef O. July 18, 2012
Dried beans should last forever in the freezer. Whole grains can get soggy in the fridge or Even rancid.
kbckitchen July 18, 2012
I read/heard somewhere that after purchasing grains, pasta,etc. items that are susceptible to weevils that if placed in freezer for 48 hours they should be okay in pantry. In other words that
freezing kills any live bugs or larvae. anyone. else
threefresheggs July 18, 2012
Grains at least, are better stored in the freezer/'fridge than in the pantry; like nuts, they can go 'off'. I am throughly jealous of anyone who has space in either place. I only do it for the most expensive and/or least used.
Nozlee S. July 18, 2012
I store mine in the fridge/freezer because you only have to lose a 5 lb bag of grains to moths/weevils once to be cautious forever! If you buy grains in small-ish portions and keep them well-wrapped, you shouldn't have problems in your pantry. For a large bag of rice, though I would play better safe than sorry and keep any open bags in the fridge.
Nozlee S. July 18, 2012
I'm so sorry about your moth problem! They're the worst.

Yes, you can absolutely store them in the freezer without damage, just make sure they're well-wrapped to prevent them from absorbing smells. I store all of my grains and beans in the fridge as a matter of course, just because there's more free space there than in the freezer.
Louisa July 18, 2012
Nozlee, is it better to store grains and beans in the freezer than in the cabinet/pantry? I have large bags of rice and wonder if they get old?
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