Vegan substitute for ghee or butter?

My husband recently announced he's becoming a vegan, throwing me into a bit of a panic about some of my favorite recipes. Any suggestions for a vegan substitute for ghee or clarified butter? I love Indian cooking and feel that the flavor given by ghee is going to be hard to replace....

Salt Tooth


Sandra P. May 17, 2020
I thought this looked like an interesting substitute
We generally use olive oil and occasionally coconut oil.. But this seems like a cool way to get the flavor right for ghee
GujuChokri June 26, 2020
Thanks for the tip Sandra and the vegan first website. It's simply amazing.
Julie L. September 17, 2018
It's safe to say there will be NO eating, or food, in Heaven. Do you expect a potluck dinner or a buffet? Good grief.
Jostuph G. May 4, 2020
Yeah, take you religious dogma and stuff it.
Heide C. July 11, 2020
I didn't know you were on the arrangements committee.
Miss_Karen May 17, 2018
Earth Balance. It is sold in sticks and tubs. I bake all the time and have to use this for my son. Nobody can taste the difference between this and butter.

All the meditation/zen/ higher consciousness stuff... Chill out people. Remember this is a food site...
Lisa A. May 8, 2018
I became a vegan because of being in the military and having several health issues and I want to prepare my body from the inside out and plus realizing that in heaven there will be no meat eating, if you believe there will be no more death
Julie L. September 17, 2018
@Lisa A. Milner: It's safe to say there will be NO eating, or food, in Heaven. Do you expect a potluck dinner or a buffet? Good grief.
Julie L. September 17, 2018
@Lisa A. Milner: It's safe to say there will be NO eating, or food, in Heaven. Do you expect a potluck dinner or a buffet? Good grief.
Jostuph G. May 4, 2020
Are you a bot you tart?
isitvegan September 25, 2017

That quote is from a comment on this site, I wouldn't quote a comment as fact. Especially when the original content says ghee is NOT vegan.
Iris November 28, 2017
Ghee is most definitely NOT vegan. Veganism is about living on the planet with the animals, not trampling the planet and abusing the animals. Processing the product of another being's suffering doesn't alter its cruel origins. There are plenty of healthy alternatives. Victimizing animals for our palate pleasure is a choice, not a necessity.
James J. January 28, 2021
Deb J. April 27, 2017
"Properly made ghee IS vegan-it goes thru a complete transformation when cooked CORRECTLY & loses all link to its dairy origins..this is why ghee candles burn in the greatest temples in India. Properly made ghee has lost all link with ‘liquid butter, or ‘clarified butter’; biochemically it is absolutely different." That being said, it still starts off as a dairy product, from a cow.
Sandeep K. April 16, 2017
You can make Vegan Ghee by mixing Olive Oil, Edible Almond Oil, Sesame Oil and Coconut oil (50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil + 20% Almond Oil + 20% Coconut Oil + 10% Sesame Oil). It tastes amazing. For Vegan Butter, Mix cashew cream with Coconut and olive oil along with half teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. Thanks
stacy January 3, 2017
Unrelated but my vegan brother tried telling me ghee is vegan. No amount of explaining would convince him
Kenneth October 30, 2016
Coconut oil! I've quit all other types, used to use olive oil but have found out that the US is a dumping ground for all kinds of fake oils so I am only using Coconut oil unless I can be positively sure it's grass feed beef. I have gone many to a Ketogenic diet and feel so much better.
Summer O. October 27, 2016
I think it depends on the recipe. I find coconut oil is a good substitute, sometimes I use olive oil or grape seed oil. My preferred butter sub is a vegan butter called Miyoko's it looks closer to ghee but I'll warn it's expensive. It is made from coconut and other vegetable oils. But it cooks more like butter than the oils. Do not put it in your butter crock you keep on your counter, it's best in the fridge.
Vidya R. October 27, 2016
Hi, Looks like you asked this question 4 years ago, but it still came up on top in google when I searched for vegan ghee. So perhaps, someone will find this useful... I'm a south indian recently turned vegan. For many of our recipes that needs ghee - like pongal, I use coconut oil and see no difference. There are still some south indian sweets recipes that need ghee and I was searching for ideas for substitute when I came to this link. But coconut yogurt for yogurt based dishes and coconut oil are great substitutes.
Anastasia August 8, 2016
You will find a lot here
mstv January 9, 2016
Coconut oil or mustard oil.
RubikCube January 8, 2016
Could Coconut Oil a good option? it has almost same level of saturated fat as Ghee may be. It solidifies as ghee as well. Not sure about the taste tho'. Trader Joe's has organic coconut oil which seems good buy.
Nancy September 30, 2015
Have you found good new vegan recipes and tastes? In first year or two when I was vegetarian, I found I was eating my previouss diet with meat products removed. Only after that did I begin to makevveg food from scratch in concept as well as ingredients. The tastes will not be the same as the old food, but different. And hopefully to your liking.
Avishkar G. August 16, 2015
yeah....first you have to know.....u too came from animal why do u need vegan food when u yourself came from flesh and blood....please transformation comes from inside....since we have animal instinct we need to transform our self to higher being or higher consciousness...that is why we have these are tools to explore within ur self who are you?....than you will know that you are just an animal like others....knowing that resentment comes and so do ego...therefore ego is just an illusion u make inside your mind to show others that you r not an animal and so. but the real transformation comes when you will see that you are an animal and you accept that instead of resenting what will happen..u will have an urge to surrender your animal instinct and as your meditation improves so is your ability to surrender. this is real doesn't matter whether u r vegan or whatever outside....the change has to come from ghee is an example of that transformation....yeah it has came from a cow.....but it has transformed into the higher state...i would say that ghee won't carry any emotions neither ego or any animal instinct. it has transformed from animal to absolute purity....
let there be peace.........
Susan W. August 16, 2015
What? Nameste.

Voted the Best Reply!

Ad September 30, 2015
If you come from a higher self or all that language you used. Then you must have no ego, or feeling of superior being, you must show compassion to every creature of the universe and once you do that you shall be transformed into a higher level of energy.

If we came from flesh and blood, do we start eating our relatives or family? Likewise I wish you saw how animals are abused for the ghee we eat and that milk we drink.
RubikCube January 7, 2016
Majority of Animal come from flesh and blood. They don't start drinking cows milk. If so we are not different too. Opinions of people are with them, Try to respect it.
Mikael L. October 19, 2016
Avishkar Giri,

Well met.
Maybe you find it neccessary to explain the non duality between complete divine conciousness and every single bug on this planet. However, most people are not vegan to divide animal kingdom from rest, we simply choose vegan because we live in a society where it is impossible to trace the sattvic path of animal products. You must be insane if you think you can buy butter from tortured cows, promote the industry with your money to then go home, clarify it and claim you have no longer supported harm. Take responsibility over what you support, starve yourself from milk products if you can not guarantee a chain of trustworthy sattvic people who confirm the quality of what you eat.

No more confusion, clear simple thinking towards empathy.
Gs January 2, 2017
I thought this was a comment section for recipes. What's other the criticisms of other people's good choices. That kind of know it all blabber is maddening, seems like you might need to do a bit more meditation....
Gs January 2, 2017
I thought this was a comment section for recipes. What's with the criticisms of other people's well intended choices? That kind of know it all blabber is maddening, seems like you might need to do a bit more meditation....
April L. February 2, 2017
No we are not animals how would you like to go thru what animals do asshole would you be peaceful then idiot????
Robin February 2, 2017
WHY???? It was a good question.
Ambika March 11, 2017
Yes,indirectly we are animals too but the most dangerous ones. Other species just fight for sex and food, we fight over perceptions and cannot stop acting like gods at all times in the name of progress. We have brains to fabricate all the exploitation we do. To satisfy our taste buds we can go to any extent. So, we are sophisticated animals with ability to speak and manipulate.
AntoniaJames August 27, 2012
Before using ghee on a regular basis, I always used plain canola oil whenever cooking Indian food. I agree with HalfPint that it won't provide quite the same flavor. If you're preparing vegan food, however, you'll probably be buying a lot of nuts, so consider using them (especially cashews that you buy raw and then brown over gentle heat in oil, and almonds that you dry roast and then grind up) to enhance your sauces. ;o)
Salt T. August 28, 2012
Thanks Antonia!
HalfPint August 27, 2012
Oil, maybe? Ok, the nutty-ness of the ghee won't be there, but the oil should function the same way. Maybe a good olive.
Salt T. August 28, 2012
Thanks HalfPint!
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