salmon mousse

What ever happened to Salmon Mousse? When I was growing-up my father made the most elaborate presentation: he would use a copper salmon mold, display it on a very large silver tray, and decorated the mousse using thinly sliced cucumbers for the scales, olives for the eyes, & pimento for the mouth. I don't believe I've seen the dish on a brunch or dairy buffet in 30 years or so. Kitchen Kim



Louisa September 10, 2012
Forgotten Cookies are meringue cookies. Here is my mother's recipe: Ingredients: 2 egg whites, 2/3 C sugar, 1 t vanilla, pinch salt, 1 C broken pecans, 1 C chocolate chips.Preheat oven to 350. Beat whites till foamy, add sugar and beat to peaks (don't over-beat). Add salt, vanilla, nuts and chips. Drop mixture on parchment-covered baking sheet. Put in 350 oven. Turn off heat. Leave in oven overnight. A nice, light sweet to follow a mousse.
KitchenKim September 10, 2012
@louisa and loreen, thanks for sharing your recent mousse experiences:) Everyone has inspired me to whip one up!... But louisa, what are " forgotten" cookies?
Louisa September 10, 2012
So funny--my mom and dad just had everyone over last week for salmon mousse (from the copper mold with the sliced pimento green olive for the eye) with lots of greens and a dill sauce, pickles from the farmers' market and yeast biscuits and then forgotten cookies for dessert. It was delicious.
lloreen September 10, 2012
I made Merrill's smoked salmon mousse for Thanksgiving day lunch and it was a big hit. I am still partial to the salmon mousse from the Silver Palate cookbook - the key is using good quality salmon, I agree.
Besides, everything old becomes new and exciting again when you don't see it for many years.
cookbookchick September 10, 2012
@ATL - I kind of liked "hello salads"! ;-)
ChefJune September 9, 2012
Back in my catering days, I reinvented the old Salmon Mousse recipe using fresh salmon. Made it a year or so ago for a house party. Everyone loved it and said "Whatever happened to salmon mousse!"

Maybe time has come to teach the old dog some new tricks?
KitchenKim September 9, 2012 mean to tell me, that I was eating eyeballs???? I used to like the odd bits in those cans, as a kid...yuk

@ATL...I love the idea of using wild salmon for the recipe...thanks for the suggestion!
ATL September 9, 2012
Jello salads, not hello salads in previous post. Drat auto-correct!
ATL September 9, 2012
I actually make salmon mousse using fresh wild salmon that I either bake or poach. The recipe I use is in one of the two main Silver Palate cookbooks (not available online). It is extremely popular with drinks. I use a fish-shaped mold, the old-fashioned type uses for hello "salads." and I surround it with freshly slices cucumbers, sliced not too thinly so that a slice of cucumber will withstand a generous smear of mousse. Also serve very thinly sliced small cocktail bread or a cracker of choice. Always popular and the fresh salmon makes a huge difference, both for flavor and also avoiding the ick factor caused by canned salmon.
KitchenKim September 9, 2012
I'm thinking of recreating the dish for my children to see and try..I have some Knox in my pantry and cucumbers in my garden, but now I will need to come up with the copper mold...I imagine Amazon would carry such an item! thanks for your feedback and for the Monty Python reference :)
Sam1148 September 9, 2012
One of the things that made Salmon Patties and mousse so horrible was the canned salmon of the 70's. Full of eye balls, spines and bones.

CostCo has a pretty good canned salmon with nice big chunks and thankfully free of spines and eyeballs.

Sounds like a cool project to re-image the dish with better ingredients.
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@Sam1148: Monty Python was the first thing I thought of, too. :)
Greenstuff September 9, 2012
My mom had a copper salmon mold too. When salmon mousse went out of fashion, she and my dad woluld freeze water in it and have ice-salmon leaping all over their back deck. It was pretty silly fun, and I wish I'd kept all her copper molds.

But what's your urgent question? Are going to make one? Why not. Gelatin projects seem to be making a come back.
Sam1148 September 9, 2012
Can salmon..and the general dislike of molded seafood on buffets.

And Money Python's "The Meaning of Life".
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