Can the filling for this be made the night before and kept in the fridge until shortly before baking? (I'd take it out of the fridge when I start...

...heating the oven.) Thanks so much. ;o



Irina V. June 27, 2013
I was wondering, if you use real pumpkin, does it need to be cooked prior to pureeing it or not? Thanks!
Kristen M. November 19, 2012
Absolutely -- feel free to go with the flavor you prefer, and what you have on hand.
AntoniaJames November 19, 2012
By the way, Kristen, do you think that blackstrap, vs regular, molasses is critical? I really don't care for blackstrap molasses, and have a nice full jar of the regular stuff, which I'd prefer to use, if possible. With only two tablespoons here, I'm thinking that should be fine. What do you think? ;o)
AntoniaJames November 19, 2012
Splendid!! So glad I asked. I have such a short window early on Thursday morning. This will help tremendously. Thanks so much. ;o)
Kristen M. November 19, 2012
Yes, we actually made the filling the night before when we shot it!
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