Is it possible to allow this cake to cool completely IN the pan? I ask because I plan on making two as gifts, along with a nice baking dish. I'd l...

...ike to leave it in the pan for gift presentation

Lindsay Schneider
Clementine Pound Cake
Recipe question for: Clementine Pound Cake


AntoniaJames December 17, 2012
I concur with sdebrango. To make it easier and to minimize damage to the top, line the pan with parchment to make a lengthwise sling, leaving 2-3" overhang on both sides. Very gently lift it from the pan using the sling and then (slowly, carefully), peel back the paper as you gently put the loaf on a wire rack. ;o)
sdebrango December 17, 2012
I would take it out of the pan to cool, clean the baking pan and once its cooled put the cake back in (loaves are so easy to handle) for presentation purposes. That's what I would do, maybe the experts can weigh in on whether it's feasible to let cool in the pan.
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