Are the canned beans drained and rinsed?

Grilled Salmon w/ Black Beans
Recipe question for: Grilled Salmon w/ Black Beans


Tarragon June 1, 2013
Thanks Suzanne - I too would be inclined to drain as well as rinse but it seems to need liquid so maybe you are right. Thanks for jumping in!
sdebrango June 1, 2013
I thought that too since the beans cook for 5 minutes they may get too dry without any liquid.
sdebrango June 1, 2013
I am going to jump in, it's not my recipe and have not made this (but plan to) it sounds delicious. If I were making it I would drain the beans but not rinse, Maybe mtlabor will see this question and weigh in or someone who has made this but that is what I would do.
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