Sweet cherries or sour cherries? If using sour cherries, should I add more sugar?

  • Posted by: Zoom
  • July 9, 2013
Gluten-Free Cherry-Coconut Crisp
Recipe question for: Gluten-Free Cherry-Coconut Crisp


ChefJune July 10, 2013
I also would prefer sour cherries. The yin and yang with the sweeter coconut would, I think, be outrageous. In fact you've given me an idea.... Thanks!
Rebecca V. July 9, 2013
mmmm sour cherries! i would definitely use those if you can get them and add only a little more sugar if you're concerned about tartness (emily's ratio sounds good). i find sour cherries have more depth of flavor than sweet ones.
em-i-lis July 9, 2013
I've not made this particular recipe, but I would err on the side of not adding more sugar, or if you do, don't add much more. I've been making sour cherry pies like they're going out of style lately and the ratio there is 5 cups sour cherries to 1 cup sugar; the pies are plenty sweet! Just my two cents. :)
Lindsay-Jean H. July 9, 2013
I would always assume sweet cherries unless a recipe specifically calls for sour cherries. She has a Cherry Crumble Pie recipe on her blog (http://glutenfreegirl.com/2010/07/gluten-free-cherry-crumble-pie/) in which she used a combination of Bings and Rainiers.
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