Is there a bread that is yeast, egg and dairy free?

I can tolerate gluten but it'd be nice if it were gluten free too.

  • Posted by: Lynndel
  • August 1, 2013


Ali S. December 15, 2014
The Life-Changing Loaf might fit your needs -- and change your life!
Amelie December 15, 2014
I recently came across this recipe that looks easy enough. It's a soda bread and looks pretty too.
There are step by step photos and a video too. I think I am going to try it.
Let me know if you do too.
andrea L. August 2, 2013
Not sure about the yeast part, but if you want a substitute for eggs, you can make flax/chia eggs.
1/4C water + 2T flax seeds or chia seeds = 1 egg equivalent.
boulangere August 1, 2013
pauljoseph's naan is fantastic:
boulangere August 1, 2013
Drat. I forgot that yeast was an excluded ingredient. How about pappadoms:
Reiney August 1, 2013
Indian chappati is a flatbread made of flour and water, a bit of salt.
boulangere August 1, 2013
I make this one with buttermilk, but you could certainly sub soy milk or rice milk perhaps an ounce or so less.
Lynndel August 1, 2013
petitbleu August 1, 2013
Yes, I think crackers are the way to go. Lean breads (breads without fat, dairy, or eggs) use yeast for leavening, and breads that don't use yeast use baking soda or baking powder but also usually involve eggs and/or dairy. Salt-Risen Bread doesn't use yeast (it rises thanks to a salt-tolerant bacterium present in cornmeal), but all the recipes I've seen for it use dairy.
irinaleibo August 1, 2013
Not really a bread, Matzo????
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