A question about a recipe: Red-Wine Poached Pears

I have a question about the recipe "Red-Wine Poached Pears " from Kenzi Wilbur . How do you core the pears and leave the stems intact?

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Red-Wine Poached Pears
Recipe question for: Red-Wine Poached Pears


dymnyno December 1, 2013
I agree with June. If you cut a slice off of the bottom of the pear, it will sit up better too when you poach it.
ChefJune December 1, 2013
Use an apple corer and go up from the bottom. Apple corers are just as good for pears!;)
sfmiller December 1, 2013
Use a melon baller (or small metal measuring spoon or similar tool) and go in from the bottom.
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