Does anyone have a recipe for brioche, for first timers?

I'm a first time baker of brioche and would love to test it out, but the recipes I've found on food 52 all seem to be variations, can we get a simple bare bones version?

  • Posted by: jaimz
  • March 31, 2014


Pegeen April 5, 2014
This one from "Columns" here on Food52 looks very easy:
Joanne C. April 2, 2014
I have a recipe in both of my books and as Felicia posts in a few articles as well! I also just finished filming a training video on how to make brioche and basic brioche classics on The class comes out in May!
Felicia M. April 2, 2014
I adore brioche. My first brioche recipe was Joanne Chang's famous sticky buns (just stop before rolling it out). Nowadays, I'm trying out Peter Reinhart's brioche recipe ( I've also heard good things about Jim Lahey's no knead brioche dough if you want to check that out.
Felicia M. April 2, 2014
Oh oops, here's the recipe for Joanne Chang's brioche.
Felicia M. April 2, 2014
HalfPint April 1, 2014
Try this recipe for something called Sally Lunn Bread. Think of it as a lighter and simpler version of brioche,

And anytime Smitten Kitchen says something is good, it truly is.
Bunnee B. March 31, 2014
I use the recipe from Joanne Chang's Flour cookbook. Works really well for me and makes a lot!
Regine March 31, 2014
This was the first brioche of several that I made, and for me it is the best. Here is link to recipe. It is in French thought. You can use google translate or I can send u the translation. It is at work though so I would not be able to do that not until the next day.
Assonta W. March 31, 2014
I used the Epicurious was time consuming, but rather easy and scrumptious! Most of the work was in the bowl of my mixer as promised in the recipe! Yay me!
HalfPint March 31, 2014
I recommend looking at recipes at and The recipes on these sites have been tested and are generally well regarded.
Maedl March 31, 2014
I believe Julia Child published her brioche recipe in "Baking with Julia." I would try that one, because her recipes are very clearly written and work. Remember, though, with baking follow the recipe precisely. No riffs, substitutions, or innovations ,
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