Do you remove the sesame seeds and then toast the coconut? Or do you leave the sesame seeds in the skillet?

Sarah Jampel
Pistachio Dukkah
Recipe question for: Pistachio Dukkah


Panfusine February 7, 2015
Like HLA, I haven't made this recipe either, but I do make a similar recipe from South India called Milaga podi with coconut where the the sesame & coconut toasted separately, Sesame tends to brown very quickly thanks to its inherent oil content and adding the coconut to toast after the sesame has already received its share of heat may result in the sesame getting burnt.
Sarah J. February 8, 2015
That's what I suspected. Thank you!
hardlikearmour February 6, 2015
I haven't made it but I'm pretty sure you leave the sesame seeds in the skillet. The last step says "Transfer the coconut and the seeds to the bowl with nuts".
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