Chicken liver pate question

I want to make some chicken liver pate for a dinner party but the only chicken livers I can find in my area are frozen. Has anyone made a good pate from frozen chicken livers? I've only used fresh ones in the past

mt gal
  • Posted by: mt gal
  • August 29, 2015


Picholine September 16, 2015
I posted recipe today from the California Cookbook
nancy E. August 31, 2015
Hope you are all sourcing organic chicken livers. Conventional, intensively farmed livers are packed with toxicity.
Susan W. August 31, 2015
While I agree that livers from organic and even better, pastured chickens are best, livers do not hold onto toxins any more than other cuts of meat. Yes, their job is to filter, but even staunch Paleo physicians, scientists and other experts say that it's not true that the toxins remain.
mt G. August 31, 2015
Picholine. Please post your pate recipe with the cream cheese and curry. Thanks!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 16, 2015
You can find it here:
ChefJune August 31, 2015
You'll have to thaw them first, but yes, they're fine. I use frozen livers all the time.
Picholine August 30, 2015
I make a delicious chicken liver pate fromThe California Cookbook
It has a bit of cream cheese and pinch of curry and even non pate lovers like it. I don't know if I can post it but I will send if you wish.
cookbookchick August 30, 2015
Which California Cookbook? I'd like to see the recipe!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 16, 2015
Thanks for sharing the requested recipe Picholine:
Picholine September 16, 2015
Posted today in recipes.
mt G. August 29, 2015
Thanks !
boulangere August 29, 2015
Yes. All the time. Thaw them overnight in the refrigerator. My stores only sell them frozen, too, in 1 pound containers. They are what I use for my Chicken Liver Mousse.

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702551 August 29, 2015
Defrosted chicken livers work great.
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