What is the best way to keep bananas? I end up throeing so many away & ive tried everything!!


bella S. January 7, 2011
Here is another vote for peeling them, putting them in a bag, and freezing them. We put them straight from the freezer into the blender to make smoothies.
Queen O. January 7, 2011
I do a combo of the above, when they just start to brown, they'll get and extra day or two by refrigerating, the skin browns, but you retain some firmness in the flesh.

If I don't think I'll eat them in a day or so, I skip the fridge part. They get peeled and sliced into about 1/2-1" disks and tossed in a baggie or plastic tub for the freezer. It only takes a minute.

I like to use them frozen, in smoothies, or as a substitute for ice cream with a little choc syrup and peanuts! I have a hard time chipping just the skin off, if I've frozen with the skin on. In pieces, they'll also thaw more quickly for use in banana bread or cake.
KaffeeAndKuchen January 7, 2011
I like to toss mine whole into the freezer. Again, just like in the fridge, the banana peels will turn dark brown. But once you are ready to use them, leave them out on the counter for 30min to an hour. They will be soft and perfect for baking with!
nutcakes January 6, 2011
I have never tried in the fridge, but that is a good idea. Works well to slow down avocado ripening. I've got to get them out of the fruit basket, the apples are shrivelling. I did used to have a device that allowed you to hang your banana bunch on a hook. That seemed to help. A friend breaks up the bunch and sets them scattered in separate places in the kitchen.
Verdigris January 6, 2011
Southerncooking is right.
SouthernCooking January 6, 2011
Put them in the refrigerator. The skins turn brown but the bananas remain perfect.
Raquelita January 6, 2011
really? if you see your bananas browning too quickly, just peel them, put them in a freezer bag, freeze. frozen bananas work well in smoothies, mashed up in banana bread, etc. i usually store mine in the fridge, peel on. they get brown but they are fine inside.
Soozll January 6, 2011
Only buy as many as you would eat in 3 days...then eat them! If they get beyond where you like to eat them, throw them (with the peel ON) in a freezer container (bag) and put them in the freezer to use to make banana bread...or give to someone who makes banana bread.
JRawly January 6, 2011
Away from other fruit and in a brown paper bag.

Bananas will make other fruit go off quicker which in turn will make the bananas go off quicker - vicious cycle!
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