After being chilled overnight, how long do you think this cake could sit out at room temperature before being cut up and served? Do you think it w...

...ill begin to lose its structural integrity pretty quickly

ariel a
  • Posted by: ariel a
  • March 9, 2016
Crêpe Cake
Recipe question for: Crêpe Cake


minibakersupreme March 9, 2016
I wouldn't leave this out too long. This cake should go straight from the fridge to the table, due to the pastry cream filling. Not only will the pastry cream spoil, but the cake will cut better when it's a little cold. That being said, if you're cutting it at the dinner table and the leftovers sit out during an hour of dessert conversation, it's totally fine. Wouldn't take it to a potluck during the summer, though! Good luck with your cake!
LeBec F. March 9, 2016
don't worry about the pastry cream spoiling-that would only be a concern on the hottest summer days. It's the ease of cutting when it's all cold- that is the main point here imo. I also suggest you put a slice of orange or a strawberry fan- on the plate; the color will make a big difference in its attraction.
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